Are you thinking of hiring a 3D artist? If you are finding it difficult to choose between full-time employees and outsourcing, a thorough study of the pros and cons of these two options is the primary thing to do. This comparison will help you to ease the decision-making process.

Many big businesses go for the in-house option as it is convenient than the other one. However, if you run a small business and face financial constraints, outsourcing to a professional 3D design company would be the right thing to do. This option gives you greater freedom, coupled with lesser obligations in many facets. Besides, if the 3D design is not your company’s core function, maintaining professional 3D artists as in-house resources would be a bad idea.

Outsourcing of 3D services, in fact, comes with a multitude of advantages. Some of the most important ones are detailed below.

  • Cost factor

    Cost is obviously the major issue for most of the companies. In this aspect, outsourcing 3D services emerge as a bankable alternative. Companies can save big bucks by availing the outsourcing plan.

    Companies in European countries and USA usually provide long vacations; these are paid holidays. Also, 3-dimensional designs is not the core function in many of these companies. So, spending on full-time in-house people would be a futile investment. Today, many of these countries are therefore contracting out their projects to countries like India, Ukraine, and Brazil. These works include animation, modeling, rendering, and visualization. The reasons are superior-quality services and comparatively lower costs of development.

  • Office expenses

    The office cost usually includes expenses for project management, knowledge sharing, technical consulting, advanced infrastructure, workstation, licensed software, servers, web cameras and systems to track time. These facilities are needed to ensure higher levels of productivity. Keeping an in-house 3D artist also leads to further expenses related to IT infrastructure, communication, and utilities.

  • Tax system

    A flat tax rate system exists in Ukraine. Tax and yearly pension fund installments come under the cost. Meanwhile, employees in most European countries are burdened with additional taxes such as medical insurance, social security tax, unemployment tax, and others. This is yet another factor that prompts European nations to outsource 3D modeling services and everything related to it.

  • Salary differences

    The average market salaries for the country determine the payments of outsourced 3D artists. For example, a mid-level 3D artist from Ukraine draws an annual salary that ranges from 15,000 to 40,000 dollars. For an in-house 3D artist in Western Europe and the USA, the salary range is 25,000 to 75,000 annually. In this case, India again emerges to be the best choice because of relatively cheaper pricing packages.

  • Other benefits

    When you outsource 3D services, it leads to other benefits too. A sizeable amount can be saved on travel. Termination wage after project completion can be avoided. Cost for imparting training to employees can also be avoided.

To bring perfection in all facets of 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and animation, look for those outsourcing 3D companies which helps to save money through flexible contracts by offering cost effective 3D design solutions. Make sure that your data is protected and no low-quality stuff or pirated 3D works is delivered.

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