The modern technology has witnessed quite a few revolutions in the industry, 3D product rendering being one of them - becoming an instant favorite among interior designers, architects, furniture companies, manufacturers, fabricators and many more. 3D product rendering enhances the product image in an exceptional way with the help of various software tools like 3Ds Max or Vray and along with the creativity of the 3D artists, this service avails absolutely stunning and realistic outputs. No wonder, furniture companies are lining up for 3d product visualization companies to market their products in an innovative and more effective manner.

With 3D product rendering, furniture images acquire an interesting and appealing look which would not have been possible earlier. Here is the list of top 6provisions that furniture companies can enjoy from 3D product rendering services for their items.

  • Various kinds of promotional images - To add an edgy look to the product catalogues, it is highly necessary. 3D images captured from different views will enable the customers to have a closer look at the furniture and be mesmerized by the sharp features. The promotional images of the furniture can vary depending upon the requirement of the furniture companies. Be it for lifestyle or fashion, the images have a three dimensional effect which complements the overall background.
  • Display of customized products - Earlier it would have been difficult to showcase every minute detailing of the furniture - sliding drawers, inner part of a cabinet, the shelves of a closed cupboard or simply the interiors of an oven. But now with photorealistic product rendering, customers can have a perfect view of their desired items. 3D visualization brings a realistic and customized touch to furniture.
  • Affordable and Quick - As surprising as it sounds, this type of rendering is highly reasonable and can be availed by the furniture companies easily. Be it a new promo campaign or a model shoot, 3D visualization can be achieved quickly. There are several professional 3D Studios with experienced professionals who can promptly work on the three dimensional images and deliver them.
  • Situational Marketing - It has often been noticed that for the same models, different marketing materials are required for different settings and it is quite a hassle for the furniture companies. With normal photography, a huge amount of décor is also necessary for product model. As it can be seen, this not only involves huge cost but wastes a lot of time and effort. On other hand, it involves no such inconveniences. The 3D visualization services can effortlessly provide an assorted range of décor for the models. The 3D product rendering also enables the update of the décor items on the furniture models, depending on the occasion, and hence reducing the cost, time and effort seamlessly. The marketing of the furniture products can be done easily for every kind of occasion - Christmas, Easter or even Thanksgiving.
  • More number of 3D images - Compared to normal photography, product design rendering comes with a flexible range of services, including abundant 3D images taken from different angles at a faster rate. With 3D visualization, furniture companies can easily avail the services at a much lower price and get the 3d furniture design at a quicker rate than the normal photographed images.
  • Showcase special features of the furniture –There is a fine line of distinction between normal photography and 3D visualization. With the help of photorealistic product rendering, furniture equipment gets an impressive touch which is not possible with normal photography. The high-quality 3D tools enhance the products and the a typical professional 3d artist lends a creative touch by working on the texture, sculpting, painting, setting the tone of the light, adding a change in the background and boosting the transparency level etc. thus making the product look even more appealing and tweaking the setting. The 3D visualization creates a surreal look for the model which will boost up the marketing of the products of the furniture company. The special attributes of the furniture equipment are showcased effortlessly by 3d product visualization services.

With the help of 3d furniture visualization services, companies can easily get supreme quality photorealistic 3d furniture modeling and rendering with great detailing which would appeal to the audience in no time. 3D images can be updated in real-time at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography. Companies can benefit immensely from 3d product rendering for furniture stores during their marketing campaigns and promotional shoots of the models. The outstanding 3d product rendering software ensures that the pictures are of high-quality and portrays an edgy look which is often not noticed in normal photography.

Furniture photography has become quite a trending service in the industry and with the advent of 3d rendering services, furniture companies are in for a treat.

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