E-commerce space is experiencing significant competition. To make your brand presence distinctive, you can leverage the potential of computer graphics to render your site and product pages more appealing. Product visualization for ecommerce business can trigger exponential sales, drive more traffic and convince clients better.

You can deploy CGI models in your ecommerce portal and harvest unthinkable of advantages easily. This post takes you through proven ways in which your e-business gets a boost with 3D.

  • Easier Visualization of products with 3D prototypes

    Earlier, you had to create props to provide your clients a visual peek into what to expect from product. Building prop is a time consuming, tough and costly affair. Storing props requires space and clients have to physically visit your store to see them. Props have to be disposed of at intervals to make way for new ones. With CGI, the process of testing product designs and deploying them on site for enabling prospects to view them from different angles become easier and inexpensive.

  • Realistic portrayal of products in high resolution

    For product catalogs and site pages, you need to capture photos of products. However, such photos present only one perspective. With 3D modeling, you can get created impeccable digital replicas of real products. The 3D rendered images can be used for displaying products from different angles and perspectives. For capturing photos in real studio, you need to dole out significant amount. But with product 3d modeling, you can have multiple realistic renders of the product at optimum price. Products like furniture pieces can be projected in varied backgrounds and even lifestyle shots can be created which would attract more prospects.

  • Seamless addition of visual interactivity

    Leads desire to visualize products from various angles for making informed purchasing decisions. They want to drag, change, and resize the product prototype as well as see its functioning in animated mode. Such interaction cannot be added in static photographs. 3D models are completely digital which makes it literally possible to implement any imaginable change by the artist. The background can be modified with insertion of newer elements, lighting exposure can be altered, and color, shape or texture can be changed. Same product can be presented in various forms and styles which enhances the interactive quotient. All specifications can be incorporated in virtual product like 3d furniture design and the same can be appraised by potential customers in 360 degree views. With all add-ons available interactively, making a conscious decision becomes easier on the part of prospects. Modular version of 3D models also empowers clients in assembling and disintegrating products so that the functionality and quality of the products can be analyzed by them without any guidance.

  • Building of a repository of 3D rendered images

    The professional 3d modeling team which you would entrust with creating models would provide you with large number of rendered photorealistic images which can also be deployed later on. Once your leads have grown accustomed to seeing the current set of images, you can add the ‘wow factor’ to your site by substituting them with newer pictures from your repository. If you are planning to a launch a new product line or add more innovative features to existing collection, you can get the same visualized with prospective 3D models. Having a large collection of images can help you retain the interest of leads in your product campaigns as well as project future plans with style.

  • Responding quickly to market trends

    The e-commerce landscape experiences stiff competition always. In order to remain relevant and maintain the loyalty of customers to your brand, you need to quickly adapt to latest trends. If you fail to adapt, your brand would fizzle out. 3D product rendering shields your brand from the quirks of market in many ways. First, you can remain prepared with futuristic designs which you have gotten modelled apprehending future changes that would sweep the market. Second, you can get the existing product models re-done with the newer elements that are attracting leads more. This can be accomplished in agile manner without investing significant time. Finally, you can easily live up to the trends that are driving social audiences’ crazy about particular product.

  • Validating New Product Designs

    To succeed in ecommerce, you need to provide products that are durable, reliable and efficient. Even if the product has all these attributes, it may fail if proper interest for it is not generated among targeted leads. This would lead your investment go down the drain. With 3d product visualization, such dire prospect is ruled out. Before starting manufacturing of the product, you can easily gauge the quantum of popularity it is gaining. What is needed is a 3D model rendered in high resolution. The rendered images have to be posted on all popular social media. If the response is warm, you may proceed with the production. Else, you may drop the idea and work on another model. This way, you need not invest on products that would eventually bomb in the market. The capital thus saved can be used for working on more innovative options.

  • Capturing the attention of Generation

    The new generation’s youth are earning good and are willing to open the mouths of their wallets for products that get them excited. To inspire them to invest in your brand’s products, you just need to offer them unique and personalized shopping experience. 3D models and renders of products facilitate in easy decision making as shoppers can visualize the compatibility of the products with their needs from different angles. The fully customizable option provided by computer graphics is an added advantage. To make your ecommerce site click with audiences, always launch a mobile version of your site for ease of browsing on smartphones.

The bottom line is that 3D rendered models are dramatically changing the way ecommerce is conducted. Be a part of this trend and reap rich rewards.

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