Benefits of using 3D visualization technology for Ecommerce businesses

Updated on: June 05, 2023

3D Product Design

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3D product designs for ecommerce sales
Product Visualization for Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce businesses can maximize online sales by using product 3D visualization technology. As online businesses continue to grow faster in the widely expanding e-commerce landscape, they look for better ways to gain a strong online presence and beat the competition. With product 3D visuals, businesses can showcase the product designs, attract the attention of prospective buyers, and increase sales probability.

E-businesses are using computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create stunning product models that look as realistic as the photos of the original products. 3D visualization has emerged as a top solution for businesses that are looking to implement an aggressive growth strategy.

How Can You Use 3D Product Visualization Technology to Increase the Sale of Your Ecommerce Products?

Product rendering is redefining how you can display products online these days. here’s how you can make the most out of this technology:

  • Highlight Product Design Variations Properly

    Showcasing product 3D design variations
    Highlight Different Variations of Product Designs

    Modern customers are choosy when it comes to purchasing products online. Customers want to feel more confident about their decision to purchase products online. No wonder why online businesses need sharp and clear product visuals that can draw the attention of the target customers and generate a sense of confidence in them.

    With traditional photography, it is impossible to clearly showcase product features from inside out and from all angles. Traditional photography allows customers to only see the material and color variations. However, with CGI, customers are able to get a 360 degree view of a product and this allows them to understand the product- features with better clarity.

    This creates an emotional connection between a product and the customers, which in turn makes customers feel more confident to purchase it. The use of CGI can generate a highly personalized shopping experience and this can go a long way to boost reputation as well as sales.

  • Use Augmented Reality (AR) to Enliven Your Products

    Use AR along with CGI
    Combine AR Technology with CGI

    Because of its functionality to combine CGI with real-life settings, customers do not need to visit physical stores for product trials.

    In order to use 3D modeling for AR, all you need to do is to build a mobile application that would support an AR view. Customers would browse through the online product gallery and after they select a few 3D models of products, then can place their chosen product models in their chosen setting with just a single swipe.

    If a customer does not like a certain product, he/she has the privilege of changing product parameters as per his/her preferences. Customers can also rotate digital models and check how a certain product will look like in diverse settings from all angles. AR produces a unique shopping experience and allows Ecommerce companies to improve sales and minimize returns and refunds.

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  • Showcase Product Technicalities in a Detailed Way

    3D technology showcases detailed product technicalities
    Display Product Technicalities

    The online marketplace is highly competitive and a simple visual demonstration of product features is not enough to promote sales. Customers are really interested to know about product qualities that make these products functional durable.

    This is the reason why businesses should practise adequate care so as to be able to showcase a product’s inner components and structures to allow prospective customers to make tension-free purchase. With 3D product visualization, it is now possible for businesses to properly highlight every element of product with greater precision and clarity.

    When you use CGI, you can cut an item into half while showcasing both its inner and outer sides. This allows customers to evaluate whether a certain product is right for them and this helps them make better decisions. Additionally, 3D graphics are less expensive than photo shoot sessions that are conducted in rented studios. Photo shoots consume a lot of time as well. So businesses should ideally hire a top 3D visualization company that has expert 3D designers who can create high-quality models and renders.

  • Create a Big Impact Using CG Product Catalogs

    Use CG Product Catalogs
    Use CG Product Catalogs

    Retailers use product catalogs as a powerful marketing tool to impress their clients. Clients can browse through product catalogs to identify the items of their choice. Similarly, online retailers can use product renders to capture the attention of prospective buyers.

    Many online retailers go for product demonstrations in a real environment that features beautiful elements of interior décor. By opting for 3D product rendering services, manufacturers and retailers can skip the idea of costly traditional photography and can hire a professional 3D rendering company to create digital product models that are photorealistic and that closely resemble the actual products.

    A catalog that features detailed and photorealistic product models is more likely to create a big impact on the buyers and can generate greater sales revenues. Interestingly, among the images used in IKEA’s catalog 75 percent are computer-generated.

  • Pair Up 3D Renders With 3D Animation to Create an Immersive Effect

    3D rendered animations
    Pair Up 3D Renders With 3D Animation

    When you combine 3D CGI with 3D animation, you will be able to create an animated video that would artistically present your product in motion. In these videos, the 3D graphics are manipulated in creative ways so as to create stunning effects that would impress customers and create long-term memories.

    This type of presentations not only facilitates better product demonstrations, but they also encourage customers to stay in the website for a longer period of time and to watch other product videos as well.

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Ecommerce Businesses That Can Use Product 3D Visualization

3D visualization is a key tool for modern businesses to launch highly interactive marketing campaigns. It is widely used by businesses across diverse industries to deliver immersive product commercials. Businesses operating in the Ecommerce landscape should take appropriate measures to make the most out of 3D visualization so as to be able to gain a strong online presence. Here are the top businesses in the Ecommerce domain, which can benefit from the use of 3D visuals:

  • Furniture

    Furniture Business

    Online retailers selling furniture should consider clubbing up 3D visualization with augmented reality and virtual reality to allow prospective furniture buyers to evaluate how a new furniture item would look in their actual home environments and how it would complement the look of the other furniture present.

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  • Jewelry


    Jewelry images that are clicked in the traditional way need professional editing in order to highlight the intricate details. However, as mentioned earlier, traditional photography is a tedious process that demands investment too. So jewelry businesses should opt for 3D rendering to get detailed models developed.

  • Fashion Accessories

    Fashion Accessories
    Fashion Accessories

    Online retailers selling fashion accessories such as bags, hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc. can consider skipping costly and time-consuming photo shoots and instead opt for professional fashion accessories 3D rendering services. They can get accurate models of their products created in a very short span of time and in very low costs.

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  • Cosmetics

    Cosmetic products

    Cosmetics businesses can use three dimensional product models in their online stores. Such models will clearly depict the product packaging and can attract the attention of the buyers to a significant extent.

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  • Automobiles


    Professional and experienced renderers can create stunning models of automobiles while being able to describe their textures, colors, and features with high level of clarity. Automobile manufacturers marketing their products online should therefore consider choosing 3D product modeling over conventional photography.

  • Electronic Goods Retailers

    Electronic Goods Retailers
    Electronic Goods Retailers

    Businesses selling specialized and a limited range of electronic gadgets may choose product modeling to create realistic and awe-inspiring product imagery.

  • Food

    Online food business
    Food Business

    Online businesses selling packaged food items may use product rendering to create detailed and realistic models of their products. They can even change the imagery in very less time whenever they decide to change their product packaging.

  • Apparel

    Clothing business

    Businesses selling apparel online may use apparel 3D rendering services to get their offerings showcased with high levels of clarity and precision.

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Are you running an Ecommerce business and looking for ways to improve the appeal of your online platform? Then you should consider hiring the professional 3D rendering specialists that can deliver you high-quality and photorealistic models of your products.

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