Types of 3D Renderings Used for Online Product Marketing

Updated on: June 05, 2023

3D Product Design

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Types of 3D rendering used for product promotions
Types of Product 3D Designs for Marketing

Most manufacturers and marketers use numerous 3D product renderings to get creative, photorealistic visuals for various marketing purposes. Using different types of 3D product renderings helps you advertise your products and increases the chances of attracting potential buyers.

Choosing the right type of 3D product rendering can streamline your marketing efforts and benefit the business in achieving its marketing campaigns. Keep reading to find out about the various types of 3D product rendering and how they can help businesses sell more online!

What are The Different Types of Product 3D Renderings?

3D product designs appear life-like even on the digital screen. Be it a lifestyle image, a product model rendered on a white background, or even a 3D model in an AR environment, all can convince prospects to make quick buying decisions.

Now let us see how they can enable you to make a mark in this competitive market.

Still 3D Renderings :

Still visuals or still images are the go-to kind of visual content that can be used in social media posts, product listings, ecommerce websites etc. With these types of 3D renders, you can showcase your items with plain white background or lifestyle background.

  1. Product Lifestyle

    Products with lifestyle background
    Lifestyle 3D Images

    Lifestyle rendering makes the images so realistic that a viewer cannot tell which one is an actual photo and which will be a three-dimensional rendered image. Customers can easily visualize the product in different spaces they need. The same objects can be featured in different locations with lifestyle shots. It will cut the costs of producing engaging and high-quality imagery to delight and engage the intended audience.

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  2. Plain White Background

    Products with white background
    Plain White Background

    Plain White Background helps to visualize your product with plain white background to highlight the product details with no distractions. It helps to know the authenticity of the products as it plays an important role in conversions. White background rendering is easy to implement and less in cost compared to lifestyle renderings.

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Interactive 3D Renderings :

  1. 360 view

    Product 360 degree view
    360 view

    Interactive 360-degree view solution helps buyers virtually examine the products from different angles. This type of digital product configurators helps see all the textures and detailed specifications as they could see in a physical store. The ecommerce customer experience is taken to the next level with this 3D rendering technique.

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  2. Product Animations

    Animated product videos
    Product 3D Animations

    3D animations are the best for engaging the audience on social media and help in increasing sales in online stores. This will also help to amaze your audience with stunning animations. Audiences prefer understanding the products through videos before purchasing the actual product. CG rendered animations help explain to buyers about installation, assembling, and use of complicated products.

  3. 3D Models for AR/VR Technology

    3D models in AR/VR technology
    AR/VR Ready 3D Models

    Creating a flawless 3D model for the AR environment is a growing trend in some mainstream industries. This includes furniture manufacturing and retail, real estate, fashion, ecommerce etc., wherein customers prefer "virtually" trying these items. For example, with 3D furniture models for AR viewing, prospective buyers can virtually see how a couch or a wardrobe looks amidst their actual home setting.

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In this comprehensive guide, we have covered various types of 3D rendering used in online marketing. It includes still rendering and interactive rendering. The above mentioned information helps you choose the type of rendering that fits your budget and needs.

Thinking about creating high-quality 3D visuals, then outsourcing your requirements to a product 3D design company is the cost-effective solution.

Showcase your products in the best light now!

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