Lifestyle vs. White Background: Choose the Best Option for 3D Product Renders

Oct 04, 2023

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Lifestyle vs. White Background

Before the mass-scale acceptance and adoption of 3D technology in online commerce, a seller had to wait for the final product or prototype from their manufacturer in order to sell it. A lot of investments, expensive photoshoots by professionals, and several logistics costs were involved, making the affair nothing but “cost-defective”!

Well, thanks to the relentless research behind 3D and how to harness its technology in product manufacturing, the process has become drastically easier and less troublesome for e-tailers.

Leveraging the 3D product rendering process, highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional product models are developed in specialized software and then rendered in photographic formats to be used in marketing collateral, website homepages and landing pages, promo videos, social media channels, product listings on eCommerce platforms, and so on.

Today we shall discuss the two main types of rendering that are commonly used for product models. If you are an online seller or an aspiring 3D rendering professional, bookmark this article for reference!

What is a lifestyle render?

A lifestyle shot or lifestyle render is a stylized digital presentation of product models using 3D rendering software. As the name suggests, lifestyle renders display the product amidst a real-life setting or “lifestyle” environment.

This gives the prospective buyers a clear idea of how the product will look in real; for example, how a queen-size bed looks in their bedroom, a comfortable couch in the living area, or a smart refrigerator complements their kitchen.

The purpose of lifestyle rendering is to give consumers better clarity about the product of their choice and help them make a more informed purchase decision. Such transactions usually result in lower product returns.

What is a white background render?

White background render is the graphical representations of a product against a clean and neutral white backdrop, with no other visual element in the background.

This category of product rendering is the most common among the other types of renders owing to its clean white background that accentuates the product’s key features without creating any distraction.

The primary benefit of this format is to highlight the design details and functionality of the product, focusing mainly on its competitive advantages. Due to these factors, white background photos are mostly preferred by global eCommerce platforms (such as Amazon), where they clearly mention that sellers should upload their products with clean, neutral backgrounds.

A detailed comparison between 3D lifestyle renders and white background renders!

3D white background shots

  1. More cost-effective

    White background renders don’t require exquisite sets or magnificent interior settings to display the product. Hence, the time taken and efforts put in are relatively low, resulting in a low cost. Moreover, there are no textures or highly detailed models present in white backdrop images that contribute to a speedy rendering process, and eventually, a faster turnaround.

  2. Look professional

    These types of product renderings with neutral shots look professional due to the clean and white background with no visual clutter. Anything clean and minimal is considered professional in the eCommerce industry.

    The neutrality and simplicity in the composition of these shots make these renders the ultimate choice for 360° viewers, 3D product configurators, eCatalogs, etc.

  3. Preferred by most eCommerce platforms

    Most popular eCommerce sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Flipkart, etc., strictly mention their preference for white background product imageries. Amazon also has a pure white background code of RGB 255, 255, 255, at least for the main establishing images.

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    The demand and preference for such neutral backdrops are because key features and details are best highlighted against white backgrounds.

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  4. Never take the focus away from the product

    As mentioned earlier, too many visual elements in the background tend to take the key focus away from the actual product and distract the viewer. A seller would never want their customers’ attention to fall on a flower vase or a Van Gogh painting in the background instead of the luxury sofa he is trying to sell. Simply put, white backdrops never take the limelight away from your product.

  5. Showcase minute details

    Even the smallest details can be depicted in white background object rendering. For instance, if you have listed a kitchen appliance on an eCommerce site, a white background will let buyers see the mechanism, handles, or joints of the electronic gadget when they zoom in on it. It is much easier to convey a product’s functionality with white background images.

    Proficient third-party agencies offering stellar 3D product design services can produce such detailed white background-rendered product images.

3D lifestyle renders

  1. Give a real-life view of the products

    As it is known, these image styles give a spectacularly realistic view of the product, allowing online buyers to get a more immersive shopping experience where they can visualize their selected product within a familiar real-life environment. This immensely helps them make the best-informed purchase, leaving any guesswork behind.

  2. Impressive interior settings

    Lifestyle images are set within highly stylized interior settings with top-grade 3D models of actual furniture and furnishing items. Such a jaw-droppingly realistic environment impresses the audience and inspires them to take a look at the product.

    This is especially important for furniture makers and dealers; lifestyle representations enable them to position the commercial or residential furniture pieces in the proper places, as they should be in the real world. Professional 3D rendering studios offer such stunning lifestyle renders for custom furniture designs.

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  3. Set the perfect mood for the products

    Apart from giving a realistic view of the products to the prospective buyers, 3D lifestyle-rendered images also set the mood for them. Imagine a beautiful bookshelf (the actual product for sale) adorned by books from celebrated authors, a small fireplace beside it with a fire burning, a small coffee table with a steaming cup of coffee, and a cozy reclining armchair in front. Won’t it set the perfect mood for the buyer and convince them to buy the bookshelf?

    Or a super convenient hand blender shown amidst a modular kitchen and other similar products here and there- may be a glass of strawberry smoothie! It will instantly make the onlooker crave the hand blender to satiate their thirst for that smoothie after a tiring day of work. Such is the power of lifestyle renders!

  4. Give an understanding of the product’s functionality

    Lifestyle shots are also perfect for letting the audience understand what functionality a specific product possesses. If it is a smart wearable step tracker or calorie counter, lifestyle imagery of a person running while wearing it will help the audience understand its functionality.

    Or if it is a one-prick glucose measuring glucometer, a lifestyle shot of a person pricking their thumb with the product and using the drop of blood on a test strip will help an interested buyer understand the gadget's purpose and how exactly to use it.

  5. Create highly stylized and appealing promotional materials

    Lastly, 3D-rendered lifestyle images make some of the best promotional materials for digital marketing activities. More than 80% of promotional graphics for commercial products are created using lifestyle 3D images, owing to their stunning appeal, emotional connection, and mind-blowingly realistic representations amidst familiar daily-life settings.

    Well-known brands like IKEA and eBay leverage 3D-generated lifestyle renders for promotional activities.

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What is the best background for product renders, and how to choose one?

There are a plethora of 3D product rendering styles and options; hence, it is quite difficult for first-timers to identify the best one for background selection. Moreover, each seller has their own prerogatives. So it is difficult to say which is better than the other. That said, both styles have their importance. We have tried to give an unbiased explanation here. Keep scrolling.

Considering popular opinions from buyers and sellers alike, it can be safely said that white background shots are the most commonly used rendering style for product promotions. Keeping your products simple and minimal is always the best way to avoid unwanted distractions. Thus, a white background works best with products.

However, in some cases, a seller requires a larger-than-life representation of the product they are selling. Otherwise, the advertisement or listing will fail to create the desired impact on the audience. After all, anything that looks good, sells. Moreover, lifestyle shots give an accurate idea of a product’s placement, how it complements the surroundings, and its practical usage.

Hence, it cannot be blatantly said one is better than the other since both are required situation-wise.

If you are still wondering how to find the right rendering style for your business, we have simplified that too.

First and foremost, try determining the long-term objective of the rendering, how you would like to place it, what the ideal product presentation approach should be, who your target audience is, what kinds of problems your product solves, and so on.

Once you figure these aspects out, start conveying your creative thoughts to your team or your vendor. It is best to consult a professional agency having experienced 3D artists with in-depth industry knowledge and domain expertise. They possess all the technical know-how and aesthetic craftsmanship to get you the best 3D-rendered product visuals.

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Summing up!

In the end, there’s practically no such concept as lifestyle shots versus white background renders because each serves major purposes on its own merit and is equally important for product designers, manufacturers, and e-tailers.

To recapitulate, white-background rendered images help customers focus on product details and design. In comparison, lifestyle shots give a realistic view of the product, letting consumers imagine it within their lifestyle. Using both of these styles in perfect balance can not only boost sales but also amplify branding and solidify credibility.

To reap the benefits of these awe-inspiring rendering techniques and favorably impact consumer perception, reach out to a professional agency offering high-end 3D visualization services and make your product listings a certain success! Good luck!

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