How 3D Images Help in Amazon Product Listing and Boost Sales?

Updated On : May 19, 2023

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How Amazon Product 3D Rendered Images Help to Improve Conversions

With so much competition on Amazon, staying ahead of the crowd can be really challenging for you. Here is where the 3D product rendering comes into play. This is probably one of the primary reasons to improve product conversion rates.

3D-rendered images are the latest trend among Amazon sellers due to their high conversion rates. It is one of the powerful tools in an e-commerce platform used to draw more attention, showcase the product details in a more clear and precise manner, and elevate the product listing to the top.

In this article, we will discuss how 3D product renders help to improve the conversion rates of Amazon listings and increase sales.

How do product 3D images improve amazon sales?

Most customers prefer to view a rendered product photo to get better clarity and make more informed choice. This is certainly because of the flawless lighting and captivating presentation of the renders, which give the products a competitive edge and are highly appealing.

Let’s check out the multiple ways product 3D images help to improve Amazon conversions!

  • 3D renderings offer interactive 360-degree views

    3D renderings offer interactive 360-degree views
    Interactive 360-degree views

    With 360° product viewers, customers can rotate and turn 3D product images to get further clarity of the products from every possible angle and view, which is not possible with flat 2D images.

  • Photorealistic 3D product designs with white background

    Photorealistic 3D product designs with white background
    Product 3D renders on white background

    More eCommerce platforms prefer to showcase products against a white background to give the entire focus to the product itself. Product images rendered against a clean, white background look more polished and professional, showcasing the design specifics.

    Such neutral backgrounds are ideal for products like furniture, electronic gadgets, and apparel, demonstrating all the minute details without causing any distraction to the environment.

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  • Interaction with products using augmented reality

    Interaction with products using augmented reality
    Interaction using AR technology

    The advent of AR and its implementation in online commerce have drastically transformed the way businesses are done. With AR-ready 3D product models, potential customers can virtually spin, touch, and see the product within their environment, among other things. More than 60% of customers tend to buy a product after viewing it in AR.

    These amazing features have already been a popular tool for most reputed brands and eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, IKEA, Nike, etc.

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  • 3D rendering showcases product design variations

    3D rendering showcases product design variations
    Presentation of different product design variations

    Not just turning and rotating the products for a better view, online shoppers can also customize products based on certain features, such as color, materials, fabric, texture, model, and more. and see how the final product will look, and then place their order.

    Usually, for furniture, apparel, and eyewear, such configurators are ideal. This helps the product design team tailor the final product based on feedback directly from the customers, eventually lowering the rate of returns.

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  • 3D Images helps to demonstrate the benefits of a product

    3D Images helps to demonstrate the benefits of a product
    Demonstration of product benefits

    3D rendered images can depict the benefits, key features, and USPs of a product with more clarity than traditional 2D images can. Buyers can view the depth, angles, alignments, and most importantly, precise perspectives, replicating the product with higher realism. Thus, consumers get much more detailed information to make a data-driven purchase decision.

  • 3D models helps to improve customer online experience

    Improves online experience
    Improves customer shopping experience

    With all the significant functionalities 3D product rendering entail, it is no wonder that buyers get a more immersive and interactive purchase experience, replicating in-store shopping. The more engaging their online experience is, the higher is the chances of them returning and recommending to others.

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  • 3D renders can evoke emotions

    3D renders can evoke emotions
    3D renderings can evoke emotions

    3D rendered images, especially lifestyle shots have an amazing ability to set the mood and evoke powerful emotions. Photorealistic renderings help create the desired ambience and atmosphere with flawless warm lighting, familiar home environment, aesthetic presentation of contextual details, and so on.

    These artistic depictions make the online shoppers feel tempted and confident about the product and help them understand how it will make their lives better.

  • Showcasing the product details with high-resolution

    Showcasing of a 3D product with high-resolution details
    Presenting product details with high resolution

    The best part of any product images rendered with a specialized 3D software showcase the product features in high resolution owing to the high-quality renders. The more the rendering quality, higher is the resolution.

    Expert 3D services and solutions providing agencies perform the utmost high-end rendering process that generates high-definition, professional product images, ideal for any eCommerce platform.

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  • 3D product packaging highlights key product features

    3D product packaging highlights key product features
    3D packaging highlights the features

    Photorealistic 3D packaging designs are ideal for attracting customers and highlighting the product from any angle. Mainly for electronic gadgets and children’s toys, such kinds of packaging embellished with 3D elements create a bigger impact. Instead of displaying multiple 2D photos of the product from various angles in the packaging design, rendering it serves the purpose to a great extent, skyrocketing the conversions.

  • Virtual elements that enhance shopping experience

    Virtual elements that enhance shopping experience
    3D modeling workflow

    There are several interactive visual elements in 3D rendered images that create a sense of realism in the audience, making them feel the products as if they are tangible. This barrier between virtuality and reality gets faded with the immersive elements the rendered product images portray, thus enhancing shopping experience and boosting conversion.

Final words!

If you have reached until this point, hope by now you have got a fair idea about how 3D product rendered images boost sales in Amazon. Well, probably due to these reasons more and more eCommerce brands are leveraging custom 3D product rendering solutions for their promotional and product listing activities.

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