Using 3D Modeling to Create Lifestyle Images for Marketing Campaigns

Updated on: Jan 13, 2023

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product lifestyle images
Lifestyle Images using 3D Modeling

Modern businesses are leveraging 3D modeling technologies to create captivating and impactful marketing collateral featuring product lifestyle images. This is a more cost-effective option compared to traditional lifestyle photography sessions that involve pricey locations and costs related to product transport and actual photoshoot.

Let’s discuss how 3D lifestyle renderings can be used to facilitate the success of promotional campaigns:

  1. Incorporate Diverse Settings

    Different settings and backdrops

    Using CG lifestyle renderings, you can demonstrate your offerings in different settings and backdrops. Such images are noted for their photorealism and diversity of scenes. With just one product model, they can create diverse photos using diverse settings as per the tastes and preferences of the target audience.

    For example, you can get an elegant leather seat placed in an office setting or as part of a bedroom based on your market positioning strategies. In other words, you can get complete creative freedom with this modern marketing approach.

  2. Play Around With Choices

    Try different choices
    Play around with Choices

    Sometimes, marketers develop an entirely new view about a marketing approach and they may want product images to be reworked to suit the needs of a new campaign. When they use traditional photographs, they cannot incorporate any change in them.

    But when they use CG 3D renderings, they can tweak these images very quickly and easily to suit the requirements of their new campaigns. They can tweak 3D imageries at different stages of a campaign so as to create customized visualizations for different group of end users.

  3. Instill the Best Backdrop

    Use the best backdrop
    Add Best Backdrops

    With 3D modeling, you can add captivating backdrop in lifestyle photos. Lifestyle renderings eliminate the constraints related to physical conditions such as equipment availability, weather, and lighting and allow businesses to stick to their marketing budgets.

    In traditional photography, photographers face budget limitations as they need to make an optimal utilization of whatever they have in hand. With 3D modeling, 3D artists get the option of creating stunning views, props, and items of décor in product images while being able to incorporate the best lighting in images. The artist can introduce an individual in the scene, place a carpet on the ground, or even insert a lamp at the corner of a room.

    The inclusion of several meaningful elements make an image more powerful; no wonder why sellers achieve greater success by using different lifestyle images in their promotions.

  4. Demonstrate Product Use

    Use product demonstrations
    Product Demonstration

    Marketers can combine 3D modeling with animation in order to showcase how a product can be used in different ways. This is important as every customer has a different need to fulfill.

    For example, if a customer is looking out for chairs, a marketer may showcase how that design might fit in different environments including office, home, and studio.

    This is particularly relevant for marketing furniture items. Lifestyle images set in diverse backdrops would allow customers to understand if they would suit their needs and how they should be using them.

    For example, customers can assess if a particular sofa set would be perfect for office or home and can make a choice accordingly.

  5. Perform Cross-Selling Successfully

    cross selling
    Use Cross-Selling Technique

    Cross-selling boosts revenues and improves customer retention. With cross-selling, marketers can sell a related group of products to their customers. With photorealistic 3D lifestyle images, product sellers can promotes easy sales of multiple products across a particular range.

    For the same item, 3D artists delivering 3D furniture modeling services can now create diverse presentations by adding different backgrounds, objects, or other relevant details in an image.

    Customers can now get a holistic view of the product and understand why it may be useful to them without having to look at other sources of information elsewhere.

At the end of the day, let’s sum up the manifold benefits of using 3D product rendering services. Marketers benefit immensely from high-quality, photorealistic images, quicker sales conversions, and drastic savings.

Using 3D modeling for creating promotional materials simply means that marketing teams would now have diverse promotional materials to use and that they can now put greater emphasis on areas that would bring better results.

3D rendering is associated with multiple opportunities and businesses can create outstanding marketing materials that would help them beat the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lifestyle image or lifestyle photography of a product usually implies taking a highly stylized photograph of your product, sometimes featuring a model. The whole idea behind such a photograph or an image is to promote the product to the prospect. It is a great way to develop brand identity and also to enhance the look and feel of the product.

The main difference between product photography and lifestyle photography is that, in the latter, the customer or the potential buyer can visualise themselves wearing the product. A lifestyle image is also a great way to increase conversions. It goes without saying that such photography techniques are usually done for luxury apparel brands.

Gone are the days of static catalogues where models posed in robotic gestures on a white background. Enter a lifestyle 3D image that features models in a highly curated and stylized background.

Realistic 3D modeling for lifestyle images is a great way to sell your products with minimal effort. Because your customers can view the products in a living environment, in the most realistic way. Utilizing CGI lifestyle images in 3D leaves a jaw-dropping effect on customers and emphasizes personalization.

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