Top 8 Benefits of 360-degree Models for Your Furniture Stores

Jan 19, 2023

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360 degree furniture 3D design uses
Benefits of 360 degree furniture designs

Ecommerce is getting more popular these days, and it's making digital product presentation a necessity for online furniture businesses to stand ahead of the competition. Modern buyers are not interested in watching static images; rather, they want to try and examine all the features, textures, and details before deciding on a purchase. Brands, advertisers, and publishers are busy searching for new ways to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

360-degree furniture models can optimize the eCommerce experience and help persuade customers to make a purchase. With this self-explanatory and straightforward technique, consumers can be more confident about their vital decisions related to the significant purchase. It is a series of high-resolution photographs which a user can easily rotate.

  • It makes the product evaluation process easier
  • Allows product viewing possible from different angles
  • Minimizes the product return risk
  • Gives an interactive feeling to your website

360-degree furniture models will help keep your customers engaged for a long time and get the best view of the furniture from different angles. It can act as a unique medium that helps the audience get control and discover more than static images. 360-degree furniture models created by the CG artists can be a cost-saving professional solution that will help the seller give their customers a better view of the product. Let’s go through several benefits of integrating 360° furniture models on different platforms.

  • Boost Sales

    Boost Sales
    Boosts Sales
    • 360-degree models help give your customers a chance to view the furniture from several angles and improve their confidence.
    • Customers can get more satisfaction if they are given a chance to interact with the images, including zooming and rotation capabilities.
    • Knowing how the product looks will reduce their doubts during the checking process with every special feature.
    • 360-Degree Product Views can help your customers assess the product you plan to purchase.
  • Improves Customer Engagement

    Improves Customer Engagement
    Improves Customer Experience
    • With 360-degree furniture models, you can exceed the expectations of your customers and can help them get a better understanding of the product.
    • Product pages can be more engaging and interesting if integrated with the 360-degree models. This will keep them stay on the page for more time.
  • Gain Customers Trust

    Gain Customers Trust
    Gains Customers Trust
    • 360° furniture models can increase your customers' trust in the brand
    • This method can help them see the furniture from all angles.
    • Zooming in and out can help the customers examine the design in detail.
    • Showcasing the materials, color, and 3D textures in high quality gets easy with the 360-degree furniture models.
  • Best for Social Media

    Best for Social Media
    Best for Social Media Platforms
    • 360° furniture models can be used on social media platforms, improving customer engagement with the brand.
    • Algorithms in social media help give more visibility to the content and boost it more.
    • Promotion of products on social media through this method can help customers share the product on their timeline, increasing the brand reach.
    • Outsourcing your requirements to a 3D modeling company can be the best option for getting an outstanding return on investment.
  • Reduces Product Return

    Reduces Product Return
    Decreases the Product Returns
    • Insufficiency of visuals leads to the presentation of the products differently from what it looks like. This results in customers' disappointment when they get their product delivered.
    • 360-degree furniture modeling services can help you get the best 360 views of the furniture that will play a vital role in attracting more customers.
    • With this technique, the buyer will miss no single detail, and it will keep them more informed and confident about their choice.
    • This leads to the satisfaction of the customers and a reduction in the return of the products.
  • Save Time and Money

    Save Time and Money
    Cost-effective and less time consuming
    • 360° models are a cost-effective method of showcasing your product entirely to your online buyer.
    • There will be no need for the photo-shoot logistics for the products, as in the case of traditional photography.
    • With advanced 3D rendering tools, creating 360° furniture models gets easy, and you can get rid of the efforts of conventional photo-shoots.
    • This helps save money and time that can be used to improve your business in other ways.
  • Keep Customers Attention

    Keep Customers Attention
    Holds customers attention
    • Once a buyer visits the brand's website, they must stay there for a long time.
    • This is only possible when you have something interesting for your buyer. Static pictures are usually boring.
    • However, 360° furniture models can keep your customers engaged and be used in banners, blogs, home pages, etc.
  • Suitable for All Shopping E-platforms

    Suitable for All Shopping E-platforms
    Useful for all eCommerce platforms
    • 360-degree furniture models can be integrated into all the platforms you want.
    • People are getting attracted to online shopping more than ever before, and 360-degree models are becoming a new norm.
    • Online shoppers can see the products from all angles and get an improved experience close to real-life shopping.
    • Recreation of the realistic experience of seeing the product from all angles gets possible with the 360° furniture models.

Creating a personalized customer experience and increasing conversions gets easier with the 360-degree models. Integrating this technique into your website will help you drive more traffic and increase conversions.

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