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Updated on: June 06, 2023

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Factors affecting 3D furniture modeling service prices
Factors Affecting the Price of 3D Furniture Modeling

3D modeling technology became the prime choice for furniture businesses. As more and more furniture companies preferred to implement custom furniture modeling design services in order to showcase their products to their target audience in a realistic manner.

The hourly rates for 3D furniture modeling starts from $25 to $50 USD based on project complexity. However the pricing might differ from company to company.

This is why the 3D furniture modeling prices vary from project to project, entirely depending upon several factors mentioned in this article. Usually, the cost depends on the project scope and the kind of quality expected; based on these aspects the 3D design agencies quote their customers.

What are the cost affecting factors of 3D furniture modeling?

Let us dig deeper into the topic and find out those factors that affect the 3d furniture modeling price.

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  • The Complexity of the Project

    The major contributing factor to the 3D furniture modeling prices is the nature of the project. Whether the project shared by the client demands a more complex process and use of major furniture design software, or a basic project that requires simplistic furniture designs.

    The 3D modeling charges depend majorly on it, and during the client’s brief of the project, the nature is understood by the design houses.

    E.g., If a project requires a brief detail of the furniture, highlighting the usability of each part, including complex geometric design and the texture- in such cases, either the whole package is presented to the client with the raised prices or the customization is done as per the requirement by adding extra cost to the standard cost of 3D furniture modeling services.

    However, many clients choose the later as it gives them the liberty of customization per their requirements.

    Also, if the project is simplistic with minimal add-ons, a basic cost is added to the billing.

  • Turn Around Time

    As the nature of the project is determined, the next factor that affects the prices is the turnaround time or the project delivery time limit given by the client.

    There are many cases where the clients are due for their ecommerce website launch, and at the last moment they ask for 3D furniture designs to enhance the user experience; here, they give a very short time to deliver the project, and hence it increases the ‘Urgency Charges’.

    In such a case, the 3D modelers work on an hourly basis, and hence charge accordingly adding extra pennies to the average cost of furniture 3d designs.

  • The Background

    One of the major factors that define the 3D furniture visualization cost is the type of background required in the design. For example: For some 3D furniture models, clients ask to keep the background plain vanilla, i.e. white. This service comes with nominal charges

    On the other hand, when clients demand backgrounds based on lifestyle, commercial spaces, outdoors etc., to enhance the look of their product/s and give a real to life feel to the customers this comes with some extra charges for beautifying the 3D designs.

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  • The Expected Quality

    Though everything is clear by the heading itself, this is also one of the contributing factors to the rise in the prices. The quality of the 3D furniture designs depends entirely on the purpose of its creation and usage. This is why a client provides complete information during the briefing as to the purpose of creating these designs and where will he use them.

    High-quality 3D models are usually required when photo-realism comes into the picture and when you need to showcase the human figure using the product (furniture, in this case).

  • Static Image or Virtual Reality

    Apart from the factors mentioned above, one of the most affecting ones is the type of 3D rendering required by the client. Is it static image related, or do they require 360 degree view furniture images.

    Today, as the world is shifting towards technological upgradation, customers also want to update themselves accordingly. And many furniture eCommerce platforms have introduced the virtual reality option for their target audience to check the product/s in reality, sitting right in the comfort of their home.

    And when this level of technological upgradation is asked, the price will be on the upper side; it goes without saying. Usually for virtual room design digital replicas of actual furniture are designed and developed. Despite the popular notion, rates for these customized and ultra-realistic furniture modeling are fairly lower than doing a professional photoshoot.

  • Use of Pre-Ready 3D Model

    There are many cases where the clients reach out to the 3D modeling studios with a small budget. In this case, these studios give them an option of opting for the pre-ready models that can be used with some minor changes, thus thus curbing the extra charges that can affect the client’s budget.

  • The Type of Service Provider

    Another factor that affects the 3D furniture modeling outsourcing rates is the type of service provider- the team whom the work is being outsourced. If the agency is a professional company of many years having thorough expertise and domain knowledge, and has a team of 3D specialists, you can expect the cost to be on the higher side. In case the work is outsourced to a freelancer who has started out just a couple of years back, the pricing will be relatively lower. However expertise and professionalism can be seen in both the approaches. Although a professional agency can deliver premium-grade quality.

    However, expertise and professionalism can be seen in both types of work.

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  • Corrections

    One more reason that incurs the raised cost is the rounds of adjustments and corrections done in the later stage, mostly in the case when the client forgot to brief about certain elements or some new add-ons are suggested by the client when the design is nearly ready or ready in some cases. 3D modeling cost for furniture designs depend on this factor because every time a change is requested by the client, the effort of the 3D artist is being called for. Hence the pricing is calculated based on the number of iterations requested and made.

  • Post-Production Requirements

    In many cases, the designs are not built in one format; instead, small parts are designed differently and then assembled to make one single product to showcase each detail of the furniture design. Here, the modelers work in teams to get the job done in the desired timeline.

As soon as the multiple small details are added to make one complete life-like 3D model, it may require more than 3D modeling efforts. Here, 3D rendering comes into the picture to make the design look flawless amidst the natural ambience. The rendering cost mainly depends on the render quality of the final outcome. If the rendering software and associated hardware is high-end, the cost incurred is also on the higher side that is to be borne by the client if mentioned in the initial project proposal.

What is the average cost of 3D furniture modeling?

As an average ballpark price, the cost for a simple 3D modeling of a furniture item can be around $40-$200, while a more complex design with intricate decorations and embellishments will cost more, going up to $1000-$1500. In case rendering is also included in the project scope, the total cost will spike higher.

If the final furniture model is rendered on a simple white background, the cost will be $100-$150. If lifestyle rendering is required, which involves the creation of 3D models for the associated realistic background props, the cost can rise to $500-$600 for a set of lifestyle shots.

Well, there’s no standard or “one-size-fits-all” pricing for 3D furniture visualization; most of the cost depends upon the project’s scope and the quality of the model. Low-poly furniture 3D models cost less than high-poly models that are way more photorealistic, and mid-poly or standard polygon 3D models cost something in between.

How to calculate the cost of 3D furniture modeling

Calculating the cost of a 3D furniture modeling project requires an understanding of the kind of labor involved in each step or phase of the entire process. The total price can be calculated based on the labor and workforce. Ideally, an agency will assign three kinds of professionals for a furniture 3D modeling project. They are:

  • The dedicated project or account manager, responsible for the smooth execution of the project from the beginning until the end.
  • The 3D modeler or artist having thorough expertise in the technology and industry knowledge.
  • Lastly, the post-processing expert with extensive Photoshop skills.

These professionals, together, will conceptualize, develop, and fine-tune the whole thing following a set of guidelines and methodologies. Some 3D modelers leverage advanced photogrammetry techniques; some utilize surface modeling to define the shapes by guiding lines, and so on.

Also, the difference in rates is another deciding factor while calculating the project value for 3D furniture modeling. There can be hourly, monthly, or project-based rates based on the kinds of requirements.


This ends the topic that explains the various factors that affect the prices of 3D furniture modeling services. We hope this Blog post has provided you with the complete information you were looking for.

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