Benefits of using furniture renderings over traditional furniture photography

Updated on: June 28, 2023

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Benefits of 3D furniture rendering over photography
Photography vs 3D Rendering

Are you confused about furniture photography or 3D furniture rendering? What should you choose for your furniture business? Well, both have their own benefits. Choosing one based on your business needs is the key to success.

The furniture photography shows the products' design, material, and color well, but it doesn't show how they look in real life. 3D visualization is the only way to let your potential customers get a real-life experience of how the furniture looks in their room.

3D rendering can help furniture businesses better communicate with their target market. If you are looking to improve your company's furniture sales, choosing 3D furniture rendering services for virtual product display is the best solution.

What are the Advantages of Furniture Rendering Over Photography?

Let's dig into the details of each advantage!

  • Provide Real-life Experience of Your Product

    Product design with real life experience
    Lifelike Experience

    3D rendered photos provide a much more immersive experience than traditional photography. Traditional photography does a great job of communicating design and color, but it's hard for customers to relate to the items in the photo. To understand how the product will look in their homes, they need to be able to interact with it.

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  • Show Multiple Angles of Your Product

    Multiple angles of the product
    Various angles of the products

    Do you wish to show all the angles and views in a single image? With 3D rendering, you can view your furniture from any angle you desire. You don't have to stress about figuring out how to use multiple cameras or confusing your clients with angles that don't match up.

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  • Scale Consistency Over Time and Space

    Product space consistency
    Space and time consistency

    Are you aware that even big furniture firms struggle with scale consistency? It may come as a surprise to you to learn that almost 75% of the IKEA catalog is produced by 3D artists.

    Furniture rendering is great for scaling consistency. It gives you the freedom to choose any scale without worrying about matching your image with others.

  • Enhance the Overall Design

    Enhanced sofa design
    Design enhancement

    3D designs are great for enhancing the overall look of your products. It can provide you with a greater sense of realism that goes beyond photography.

  • Better Communication With the Target Market

    Better Communication With the Target Market
    Better engagement with target market

    Would you like to strengthen your company's communication with the target market? What should you go for-photography or rendering? Think of rendered images as a window to attract your customers. It gives them an idealistic view of the product, which they can review before purchasing.

  • Fewer Prototype Iterations

    Different changes in furniture design
    Few number of prototype iterations

    The cost of prototypes can hurt small businesses. They have to spend three or five times more than what their final product will be for them to make physical copies. This is something that most businesses would like to avoid.

    You don't want to spend a lot of money on prototypes? 3D visualization companies can help you save a lot of money and time by providing photos that can be used in place of the prototyping process.

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  • Less Expensive Over Time

    Quality furniture design at affordable cost
    Money saving solution

    A significant advantage of rendering over traditional photography is that having a 3D model in your portfolio will save you money. This is because your clients will be able to review and approve your digital model rather than having to work with a physical rendering.

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  • Increase Brand Recognition

    Increase Brand Recognition
    Helps in brand growth

    Everyone wants to be associated with a cutting-edge and high-quality brand; rendering makes your furniture products look polished and more appealing. This will help you gain more brand recognition in the long run.

  • More Interactivity

    Interactive furniture models
    Better interactivity

    Can you describe all the elements of your furniture using words? you'll really get tired by the end of it. Switch to product rendering, which is excellent for product showcases and product presentations. It allows you to communicate product details with your customers more efficiently, which will lead to higher product sales.

  • Increased Conversions Within Product Pages

    Product pages with more conversions
    Boosts conversions in product pages

    Do you get a lot of traffic on your product pages but have trouble converting them to sales? Do you want an innovative way to get more product sales? Three-dimensional rendering offers a variety of product presentation styles that will entice your target market to purchase.

  • Better Product Marketing

    Product marketing with 3D models
    Better marketing

    Having product renders in your portfolio is great for product marketing. It creates an emotional connection with your target market by allowing them to visualize the product in their own homes, making it more likely to purchase your product.

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  • Quicker Product Development Process

    Product development stages
    Fast development process

    It's a known fact that rendering allows product designers to have more control over product development. Doing product rendering in the product design process gives you an efficient way to work with different materials, surfaces, and lighting conditions.

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  • Better Product Reviews

    Product reviews
    Accurate customer feedback

    Did you know that the quality of a product review is mainly dependent on the product photo? If a customer can't get a good view of your product, they may leave bad reviews for your products. You don't want that to happen, right? 3D rendering allows you to showcase your product from various angles, which is great for getting the most accurate customer feedback.

The benefits of 3D furniture rendering services go beyond traditional photography, which is why many product designers and marketers are switching to it. If you want more people to take your product seriously, consider switching to rendering.

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