Today, manufacturers have realized that 3D models are crucial for their business and it plays a vital role in every phase of product development - be it design, marketing, or even promotions. Time has come for manufacturers to efficiently spend upon the latest technologies for hassle-free product management as well as to give themselves a competitive advantage for better business profits.

But one thing that manufacturers need to compensate for is the lack of knowledge of different uses of furniture 3D models that are available based on the complexity of the designs.

How does this affect the manufacturers?

Of course, the complexity of the design affects the cost factor when they examine them at the 3D rendering studio. And if they don't know much about 3D modeling, then the expectation will never match the desired output. And one must understand that there is nothing called the “One size fits all” concept when it comes to furniture 3D design. Companies make efficient use of furniture design software to deliver the desired 3D model for your product.

So, it is important to understand the commercial goal and then choose the best design of furniture 3D model that would be appropriate.

Let's look into some of the common uses of furniture 3D models based on the business goals

  • For Promotional Materials

    The sales department of every business would require product catalogs and promotional collaterals to showcase the product to the prospects. 3D Product shots are always important and choosing the best one depends upon the desired quality. Polygon models are preferred for quicker and cost-effective designs and is the top choice for high-quality furniture designs.

  • For Interactive Media

    This is where the technology is made use of with the virtual reality implementations. Why don't you showcase your product to your prospects in a way that they get a chance to look around with it - rotate them and ensure the quality and more? Added to this, augmented reality is also equally amazing with the opportunity for your prospects to see and feel how this furniture will set with their environment.

  • For Product Websites

    Even though traditional marketing holds significance, e-commerce rules the show. So if your website does not display the top-quality visuals of your products, then you will be easily washed out by your competition. 3D furniture models can be displayed on your websites which gives a clear view of the look and feel of the product accompanied by zoom-in and 360-degree views for user reliability.

  • For Customer Education or References

    Are you into modular furniture? Then it would be mandatory for you to educate your customers with the interactive user manuals more of the functional aspect. 3D modeling would be implemented with simple polygon models. Apart from this, 3D modeling services can be better utilized for creating interactive product collaterals for your customers to completely understand the product easily. In most cases, 3D sculpting will be preferred for this because of the elaboration of even the minute aspect of the product.

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3D furniture models based on Manufacturer needs

Manufacturing businesses need to have a strong marketing strategy in place! And technology will enhance better user experiences and increase customer loyalty. Let’s take look at some of the ways with which manufacturers rock the show with the furniture 3D models based on their needs

  • 360 Degree Product Images

    Normal simple product images are no more vigilant. Now, businesses make use of 360-degree images which give an exceptional interactive experience to your customers by allowing them to get a clear picture of the product. You can rotate the image, view it from different angles, and more.

  • 3D Product Animation

    Taking a tiny step ahead with the 360-degree images will lead you to add animations to your product images. It is a perfect blend of both 3D models and 3D renders. Instead of having static 360-degree images, you can create a mini-movie out of it.


It is a very crucial aspect for all the furniture manufacturers out there to be very careful in choosing the type of 3D furniture models completely based on their commercial goal as well as their business requirements This will help them to cut down the turnaround time as well as the cost. Each of the furniture models can be built completely based on the overall objective and hence can be adjusted to make it affordable. We have taken into consideration the four diversified commercial goals based on which it varies.

Apart from this, do you have any? Let us know in comments and we will add them too,

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