Furniture rendering can be helpful for manufacturers trying to reach potential buyers. The viewer's attention span is very low, and that's the period you get to convince your prospects. So how will you stand out in a competitive market?

Custom furniture renderings are considered the better alternative to product photos. Photography does not provide different varieties in terms of product presentation. All the images usually look like each other.

This article will be helpful for those who are hesitating to decide if custom 3D rendering is worth it.

Adds Flexibility to the Process of Marketing

  • Custom rendering is done with tight timeframes
  • This process is cost-effective as compared with the traditional photography
  • Marketers get a chance to be more flexible with their promotional campaigns
  • Correcting and introducing new ideas is quickly and easily possible with rendering.
  • Working with three-dimensional models provides a chance to alter the 3D model.

Showcase Products From Different Angles

  • Modern marketing strategy involves storytelling
  • With custom rendering, marketers get a chance to tell their product story most engagingly.
  • Customers can get informative and enriched content
  • Products can be showcased from different angles and captured from all viewpoints.
  • 3D renderings are much more adjustable than that photos.
  • The process takes less time and causes no delays.
  • Materials to be focused get additional reflections and lighting to showcase the textures.

Presenting a Variety of Products

  • Computer graphics used to create images help present a wide range of products.
  • Customers will be able to see color and material variations
  • No worries about the quality, as CGI gives you renderings as realistic as a photograph.
  • Developing a unique style is possible with custom renderings.
  • Marketing visuals created with rendering technique will help boost awareness
  • A single piece of product presented in different scenes can attract buyers

Multiple Content Formats Are Offered

  • Content creation for different advertising channels is usually a painful task
  • Traditional techniques will need photographers, designers, video makers etc., for a single project.
  • If you hire a CGI studio, you can expect a variety of content formats
  • Animations and still images are perfect for online ads and social media
  • To give your customers an enhanced ecommerce experience 360 degree views with VR and AR formats are vital

In the case of office furniture, many designs are needed. Brand marketers have to showcase all their products in different variations. This will not be possible with traditional photography as it will be time consuming and costly. Office furniture rendering is a digital solution where creativity plays an important role. Artists should have creative ideas that can sell a lifestyle and not just furniture. Now let us know how to make office furniture render eye-catching and effective. Here are the best tips which can make your content attractive.

  • 360-degree furniture design

    360-degree furniture design
    360-degree view

    • 3D rendering helps in creating a 360 view of the product
    • Users can get an actual shopping experience as they can rotate and inspect the furniture
    • Without visiting the actual store, customers can evaluate the furniture
    • 360 product view is an ideal addition to listings, catalogs and marketing
  • Using spectacular room sets

    Using spectacular room sets
    Use eye-catching room sets

    • Office furniture sometimes look too simple; however, showcasing them in amazing room sets can enhance their appeal
    • Your customers will get a feeling that those pieces are diverse
    • The same furniture set used in both compact as well as large spaces can create a different feel
    • It helps people understand that these pieces will work for all
    • 3D service providers will have libraries of ready-made 3D room sets
    • The artists use those room sets to complement the product in the best way.
    • 3D models work with virtual and augmented reality.
    • Prospective buyers can try new furniture via the VR app.
  • Each design can be demonstrated virtually

    Each design can be demonstrated virtually
    More design options

    • From a single 3D model, expert artists can create as many design options as possible.
    • Using different advanced software, any furniture part can be replaced and transformed
    • The texture and color of the upholstery can also be changed with furniture rendering.
    • These changes can be carried out in a couple of minutes
    • Marketers get photorealistic imagery for their ads, catalogs etc., without extra effort and expenses.
  • Effective white background photos

    Effective white background photos
    Use white background images

    • For ecommerce listings and catalogs, white background photos are essential
    • Different platforms do not accept product photos if they are not on white background. For, e.g. Amazon
    • Office furniture rendering can help get white background images in the fastest way
    • Everything can be done just with a mouse clicks
    • Replacing a 3D furniture piece with another can give you first-class pictures.

This is how office furniture rendering can create top-notch visual promotional content. A renowned 3D rendering company can help you create eye-catching images. Are you in need of a trusted partner for your rendering requirements? Our office furniture 3d modeling services can help you get stunning content for your sales and promotion.

Get in touch with us, and let us create photorealistic designs for you.

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