With an increasing demand for digitization in the CAD industry, the use of 3D modeling has become more significant. 3D CAD modeling allows engineers, designers, and architects to create accurate designs through visualization by transforming their ideas into reality. Designers can improve the efficiency and quality of their designs by implementing different 3D modeling techniques. To start with it, you need to keep certain things like symmetry quotient in mind for saving time and facilitating easy editing later.

This post deals with the certain essential elements that need to be considered before embarking on modeling for optimum outcome.

Model's orientation

The orientation of the model needs to be considered for reducing editing and conveying the intent of the product clearly. The best idea is to adopt an inbuilt 3D model orientation in maximum cases however, complications may arise while importing geometric shapes. You have to render a realistic model for communicating with the user on how to use it and facilitate easy assembling. However, constraints can be encountered while using the model for various purposes. You may mold, cast, mill and 3D print a particular model and Z axis remains on top in all such cases. In such scenarios, the front and top orientations would vary depending on the purposes. Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks 3D layout sketch allow setting 'Y Axis Up' coordinates for models being imported. This is done by flipping orientation through import feature in which 'Source is Y Axis Up' needs to be checked. You can get model reoriented for ensuring Z axis up using popular software to ensure smooth processing in CAD.

Symmetrical alignment

Single symmetry plane is common in models. Symmetry identification can prove advantageous in saving significant time during modeling. You can pull off modeling with just half of the expected efforts as model positioning w.r.t. origin and natural planes can be known beforehand. Centering of origin and using of default planes to mirror is a must. Sketching and dimensioning in complete size for layouts help in controlling and defining the specifications. Addition of numerous mirror options at the conclusion of the feature list for 3D isometric models and subsequent rolling back prior to use of mirror features, allows you to add more details. You can track the progress of a design after detail addition by forwarding or backward rolling of the features list. Symmetry allows a sophisticated design to be disintegrated into simpler ones.


A pattern symbolizes repetition of a given feature set. You can save remarkable quantum of time and inconvenience through pattern identification pretty early during designing. Pattern analysis can prove to be useful while editing the model's design. Any alteration in the default model would cause the pattern features to be replicated spontaneously. You can also make design modifications in the larger models within a matter of time using patterns.

Sophistication in the model

One of the benefits of 3D modeling is the ability to add comprehensive details by professional 3D modeler so as to quickly track the actual production process. The advantage of hiring a renowned company offering 3d modeling services is that the designer takes care of all the issues for an accurate depiction of the delivered model. In the process, other important characteristics of the model pertaining to its center of gravity, weight, space occupied, and other attributes can be inserted accurately in the completed model. You need not have to add them later on.

You need to be careful when designing standard manufacturing models like motors, nuts, etc. Addition of complex levels in assembled models serve no useful purpose and can serve as a constraint for faster CAD rendering due to consumption of higher power of graphics cards. Simplified models with only needful geometry devoid of any unwanted relieve the graphics card of saving time on the creation of more triangles for accurate rendering in real time. If you are planning to design an assembly model with hundreds of nuts, bolts or such standard features in them, the graphics card would simply buckle down under the pressure of having to render each part independently. Consequently, your system may crash and all your efforts would go in vain. It is always wise to ask for stripped down versions of models downloaded from the website of others in the event of the models carrying an inordinate amount of unwanted or redundant details. If you decide to outsource 3D modeling to any of the renowned 3d modeling companies in India, you can rest assured as the modelers would have access to tools that can lighten the model.

Before embarking on any future CAD project, make sure to invest time in getting your models planned in advance to save time, energy, money and efforts. The elegant and agile outcomes would simply delight you and your customers.

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